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Don't settle for prepackaged health guidance, get personalized practices that work for you.

Learn how to change how you feel in 7 days.


Listen to this FREE audio from Meg and learn the 1 important scripture, 3 big mindset shifts, and 5 simple practices that'll change your life, fast.



I'm the founder of Meg Hays Healthy Living, speaker, and bestselling author.

I've coached my clients through some tough times to some amazing places, losing weight, gaining control of their lives, and finding real joy in living healthy on their own terms. I'm ready to help you too!


Does this sound familiar?

"I've read so much about getting healthy, but I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start."

"Every time I think I've figured out what to do about my weight, it never really lasts or works."

"There are so many conflicting messages about working out. How do I know what's right?"

"Every time I think about my health I get so depressed I just have to think about something else."

"I'm too busy to uproot my life and do all the things it takes to 'live healthily'."

"I want more than anything to be healthy, but my anxiety stops me from doing anything about it."

If this resonates with you, you're not alone.

That's why I created the live well community!

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Get ready to join an amazing community of like-minded individuals, including yourself, who are committed to showing up every week and taking small steps that lead to massive transformations! Let's do this together!

What if you could...

  • overcome your anxiety, depression, and emotional blocks you can't even name 

  • break through to a way of healthy living that matches your values and preferences that's as unique and individual as you are

  • do it all with the support of a healthy living coach who has been right where you are and found a way out

I'm here to tell you that even in your darkest hour, there is a way forward to a healthier life. I've hit rock bottom more than once in my life, struggled with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder brought on by a physical injury from an event that would leave me traumatized for half my life.

After struggling for decades, I found a way out and I'm here to guide you out into the light, and into healthy living - on your own terms.

What you'll find inside:


Use my 5 Pillars Method to make small changes that add up to make an enormous impact on your healthy living goals.


Send in your questions and get answers on our live weekly calls. Listen in to discover answers to questions you didn't even know you had!


I'm here for you! You will get support in a variety of ways, from access to my email to a library of materials and resources to help you accomplish your healthy living goals.


You'll never be alone! You'll be part of a positive and supportive community where you can ask your peers questions and participate in chats on a variety of topics.

“Small things done consistently,

in strategic places,

create major impact.”

David Allen

What if working with me could unlock everything that's stopping you from living your healthiest life?

Trust me when I tell you, that you do not have to settle for a less-than-healthy life, even if your anxiety is holding you back.

You can have a clear and attainable path to your health, and not be pressed and stressed in a program that does not fit who you are.

Most importantly, you can accomplish this quickly with my coaching and have fun doing it.

FACT: Most programs were not made with you in mind. 

That's ok, because when you work with me, the only person we're designing your health journey for is you.



"My own transformation has inspired countless others to follow, reach out, and work with me. I might be smiling in the first picture, but there was so much trauma and anxiety behind that cheerful facade. 
I got tired of faking it, I got tired of being tired, and I decided to do something about it. This is why I'm here, to teach you how to find your way out and move toward that healthy life you've been dreaming of."


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“A friend who had been reading Meg’s blog for years, introduced me to her three years ago because I was in desperate need of changing my lifestyle. I never knew life could be lived without joint pain, hating my reflection and feeling sluggish. Meg taught me how to change bad habits into ones that are life changing and health sustaining.”


“Meg is a born encourager. I’ve read her blog for years, so when I heard she was a health coach, I knew she would be the right one for me! Meg provided tools to make myself and my health a priority. She helped me realize that my goals in life are so much more important than the food in front of me.”


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Join The 5% Difference on mobile!

Download the Spaces by Wix app and join Meg and the 5% Community on a sustainable health journey!

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Join us now, learn what you need, cancel any time.

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Listen, I've been where you are...

My health journey was long and lonely until I figured out one important thing, and now I'm on a mission to share it with you and anyone else who's ready to live their best, healthiest life on their own terms! Let do this!

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I'm a Hope Dealer, hit me up.

I'm always here to support you, through my talks, books, coaching, social media, and even a personal note!

If you have a heavy heart or simply a question about a program, send me a note!

Talk to you soon!

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