Even though school has just started here in Texas for my two boys, we sure are looking forward to the extended weekend with Monday off for Labor Day. HIP, HIP, HOORAY! What’s funny is that with the beginning of school this week, my own business of writing blogs and social media for small businesses has […]

Continuing Education

My boys are back in school!  YIPPEE!  I’d say it’s time to PARTAY!!!! As you might be able to tell, I am very excited to have a few hours each day to clean, pay bills, organize, cook, run errands, write and all those other things that need to get done… without a million interruptions and […]

Here We Go…Again

How is it that I can desire something SO bad, but NOT follow through?  AND why is it easier to stand still or continue down the wrong path instead of changing a habit or jumping off the bandwagon? CRIMENY!!! Sometimes it feels like the more I desire to do God’s Will, the more the devil […]


Not everyone is easy to get along with….  WHAT?  Oh, how I wish this wasn’t true, but it is and I sure can’t change it.  Would if I could! Unfortunately, we often can be surrounded with people that tick us off, hurt our feelings, grate on our nerves or just downright bug us.  Sometimes it […]

Making Music

This past Sunday the praise band at my local church ROCKED the house! Not only were there some musicians who I absolutely adore playing that day, but every song they performed was spot on!  The notes blended, the piano soared, the guitar ripped it up and the drums beat to the rhythm of my soul. […]

Planning and Perseverance

If success was easy, everyone would be a billionaire. The truth about achieving our best in life is that it takes plenty of failed attempts, constant revisions and tearful tries to finally make it to the top of the mountain we are climbing. And wishing won’t help. Honestly, the only thing that leads to victory […]

Ask And You Shall Receive

I recently saw a Facebook post that said, “I wish I was a billionaire.”  Of course, I ‘liked’ it. How couldn’t I? Money is most likely the number one argument couples have.  Even if you have a great job and live in a comfortable home, more money would always be helpful. To be clear, money […]

Coercion or Persuasion?

Not every Christian has had the good fortune to experience a loving and grace-filled upbringing.  In fact, as I have met many fellow Christians along the road of life, I have found that several of them have been schooled in the fear and damnation theology that just truly breaks my heart. I grew up in […]

Who Are We?

As a blogger myself, I often read other blogs to jog my creativity, give me ideas to write about and keep in tune with the industry. So, it should come as no surprise that I have my favorites. One that I adore is a blog called Lipstick Makes Everything Better by a girl who is […]