Health Coaching

with Meg Hays

As a Hope Dealer, my transformational health coaching mission is to guide others towards living their best life and feeling better in their own skin. Health isn’t just about what we put in our mouth or how long we stay in the gym…it includes what we put in our body, mind and soul.

My first question is whether you are willing to bring your mind along with your body on your health journey? Working on our mindset is the first step towards changing our lives to be purposeful, fulfilling and rewarding. We have to consider what we watch, what we read, where we go and who we hang out with on a regular basis. All of these components will affect us either negatively or positively. It is our responsibility to take control and make decisions that lead us closer to our goals.

The next question is whether you are willing to let go of past ideas.

We were not meant to go through this life alone! Make a decision to change your habits, change your attitude and change your life! Today is the best day to start!

What my health coaching offers.

Don’t like what you see in the mirror?

Get guidance for healthier living.

Don’t feel motivated or inspired to change?

Get weekly accountability check-ins.

Don’t feel supported?

Get plugged into a safe community for encouragement.

Happy Clients


“Meg is a born encourager. I’ve read her blog for years, so when I heard she was a health coach, I knew she would be the right one for me! Meg provided tools to make myself and my health a priority. She helped me realize that my goals in life are so much more important than the food in front of me.”


“A friend who had been reading Meg’s blog for years, introduced me to her three years ago because I was in desperate need of changing my lifestyle. I never knew life could be lived without joint pain, hating my reflection and feeling sluggish. Meg taught me how to change bad habits into ones that are life changing and health sustaining.”