The BIG Questions

“Where did God come from?” asked my sweet, eight-year-old Jake this past Sunday morning. Duh. Okay, now let’s be clear.  I read scripture, I write devotionals, but I am in NO way a theologian or some Biblical scholar.  Therefore, my answer was, “I haven’t a clue, but we can ask Him when we die.” Jake […]


If you think you can’t…you are right. I’ve been thinking on this phrase a lot lately.  I have no idea who said it or where I saw it, but if you happen to be my Facebook friend, you might have seen it on a status I posted just this past Tuesday.  Plus, I used it […]

The Bit and the Bridle

Ever get the feeling that something you read was meant exactly for you?  I sure do. This morning’s scripture reading is a perfect example.  It was the passage in Psalm 32:9 where it says, “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle […]

People Pleasing

I have a disease that I have dealt with for my entire life.  It’s a terrible, debilitating sickness that holds me back, causes much grief and plagues plenty of my days.  The illness is called People Pleasing. Honestly, if I say ‘no’ or think you’re mad at me, my stomach hurts and I feel just […]

Taking Action

We all go through life wanting to change something.  Maybe it’s a job, an attitude, a physical attribute or that hideous color painted in your bathroom.  Regardless of the situation, nothing will change unless we take action. Honestly, we can complain or discuss the problem at length, but if we never take the first step […]

The RA-RA Session

Everyone needs a cheerleader.  Some days more than others! Tuesday was my day to hang with one of my besties by the pool and review the events that have been transpiring this summer so far. As I divulged the good, bad and ugly, she listened, encouraged, and beat me over the head with a big […]

Getting Back into the Swing…

Last night I realized why they always say you need a vacation from your vacation.  Grrr. The laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping necessary to get back into the swing of things is overwhelming to say the least.  What’s interesting is that I now understand the phrase “getting back into the swing” because it’s obvious I’VE […]

Independence Day

Happy Birthday, USA!!! I love the 4th of July.  It’s fun, festive and full of yummy food!  As most of my friends know, I’m always up for a party!  WOOHOO! My favorite part of Independence Day is that it gives me a sense of freedom and pride that I live in such an amazing country.  […]

Christmas in July

Having worked for an online retail store many moons ago, I still remember Christmas in July.  As with any retailer, we had to have our Christmas collection selected, ordered and the catalog had to be complete in the beginning of every summer. Do you know how hard it is to get into Christmas decorations when […]