Technical Difficulties

Okay, computers rock! But, some days they stink to high heaven when they don’t work and you don’t know how to FIX them!!!  Lovely…this is when I wish I had paid more attention in those technology classes. Last week started out fine and dandy until my laptop crashed and started giving me fits over not […]

The Excellent Woman

Most girls dream of a husband who loves them dearly, adores them unabashedly and stands alongside them till death do them part. Sounds like the fairy tale come true, huh? But what about the family they bring with them? Uh, oh…wait a minute.  No one said there were more people involved in this love story!! […]

Every Minute Counts!

This week is HUGE for many of my friends and family because Friday night is high school graduation in several towns across the nation! It’s sort of like ‘the end’ and a little like ‘just the beginning’. No matter how we view this significant event, the future will only tell what these graduates will do […]

Perfect Planning

I can plan all day long, but if I don’t actually implement my plan…I get nowhere. Don’t you hate it when that happens? There have never been a lack of big dreams and grandiose plans running around in my head, but I completely stink at the execution. Sigh. What happens between the brainstorming session and […]


I found this poem I wrote in 2009 and I thought it was appropos to the upcoming weekend’s celebration of Mother’s Day. I love being a mom and I’m lucky enough to have my mom with me this year. Unconditional love is what mom’s are all about.  We learn it from them and then learn […]

Best Friends

Today is my best friend’s birthday! WOOHOO! Don’t worry Wendi, I’m not telling anyone your age because I’m right behind you!!!  Hee, hee!!! Wendi and I have been BFF’s since we were three years old and met while attending preschool in a suburb of Chicago. Our friendship grew through elementary school and was solidified in […]

God Power

My boys love shoot ‘em up, bang-bang ANYTHING.  However, my rule is that you have to play the good guy.  I don’t want any bad guys roaming around and I certainly don’t want them to be my sweet babies! Okay, so this is where they say, “Aw, mom! Just let us play already!” The truth […]