Fit and Trim

How are those health and fitness goals you made around the New Year?  Have you kept up the routine or have you fallen into the same old, same old?  Are you happy with your choices of food and have you continued with a daily dedication to an exercise routine?  OR are you wondering what in […]

Remembering Katie

Do you have that friend who screams when the bad guy jumps into view in a horror flick or cries incessantly when the main character dies in the end of a movie?  You know who I’m talking about…you either hate going to the movies with this person or love it just so you can sit […]

When Sickness Strikes

Today I am in bed, nursing a terrible sore throat and taking my antibiotics for strep throat like a good patient!  I don’t feel good, I’m depressed and to top it all off…I’m missing my family!!  (I’ve been sequestered in the bedroom, since we don’t want anyone else to get sick) The good news is […]

The Mountains

Every summer my mother-in-law heads for the mountains of Colorado.  She goes from the hot and humid weather of West Tennessee to the cool, crisp refreshing air of the Rocky Mountains. The trip by car is long, boring and a little treacherous once you get into the curves and rise of the land, but is […]


Father’s Day is Sunday! (In case you had forgotten) I feel so fortunate that God gave my children such an awesome dad.  As I prepare to celebrate my husband and pay homage to the fantastic job he is doing with our children, I can’t help but feel the hole in my heart that has been left with the passing […]


Whew!!  Summer has taken off and blasted into full gear!  Within the last month I have been visiting family in Tennessee and I’ve had visitors from out of town here in Texas.  All of this togetherness has led me to the question, “Am I inclusive or exclusive to others?” Technically, I want to know if […]

Summer Reading

I love to read!  And this is the perfect time to settle in a comfy beach chair and devour the words on a page.  In fact, if I’m not careful a good book can keep me from cleaning, cooking and all of those other household duties I’m supposed to be doing!!!  (It doesn’t take much!) […]