What Do You Think?

Lately, I’ve been sharing with you the words and actions that I have the most trouble with when trying to live obediently to God’s will.  However, today I want to touch on the first and most significant task that leads to greater freedom from sin…training and taming our thoughts!! Obviously, our thoughts lead to our […]

Loving Gifts

Valentine’s Day is next week!!   I know…I’m shocked, too!!!  Time is flying and I’m hanging on for dear life!  It sure doesn’t seem possible that we were just celebrating Christmas and making resolutions for this year!  And yet, here we are already in the second MONTH of 2012! Be that as it may, Valentine’s Day […]

Jumping the Hurdles of Life

Did you get the memo that life was going to be easy?  Was there a section indicating that life was going to be fair?  I sure didn’t!   I’ve been checking my mailbox, my inbox and my Facebook messages regularly, but have yet to receive such a notice.  Sigh…. Unfortunately, many of us believe that life […]