Memorable or Miserable?

Lee and I were talking about the current cross-country road trip we are on and we were trying to figure out if our excursion has been memorable or miserable?  BAHAHAHA! You know what I’m talking about!!  Four people stuck in a car for over 50 hours across a 2 ½ week time span is cause […]

Another Year Without Katie

There are certain experiences that happen in life that change you completely. One of these events is when my dear friend’s child, Katie, drowned in a neighbor’s pool one hot night on June 25, 2005. I’ve written before about this heartbreak, but I can’t say enough how the shock, pain and grief enveloped us all […]

Making Time

I thought summertime was supposed to be relaxing, easy and lazy!!!  NOT! Traveling with the family on a cross-country excursion does not lend itself to anything simple!  I mean, come on!  I can plan till pigs fly, but I’m still going to have forgotten something and we are approximately 1000 miles from home! My success […]

Moving a Mountain

Tomorrow we are on our way to the mountains.  Okay, so we are making a few pit stops along the way, but it is definitely the beginning of our Colorado adventure via Tennessee from Texas. Just thinking about the driving to be done makes my palms sweat and my head hurt.  I’m estimating about 50 […]

The Weak!

Let me just say…God is so COOL! Yesterday, I received three correspondences from friends about how GEM has been helping them and that they are glad to know they are not alone!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Encouraging others is exactly what I’m trying to do twice a week with God’s Encouragement by […]


It’s the first week that school is out for this 2013 summer and I can’t help but sing the lyrics, “school’s out for summer”!!!  HOORAY! The hot sun and clear sky make me want to do nothing but lounge by the pool and take a dip every now and again…ahhh. Unfortunately, I have WAY too […]

Kindergarten Graduation

As I’ve just written about all the graduates a few weeks ago, I would be remiss to exclude my dear Chase’s Kindergarten graduation today.  Yes sir, my baby has completed the first year of his school career! Where does the time go? I find this an exciting step for my kiddo.  But with this thrilling […]

Who Gets the Credit?

As I’ve powered through many a workout these past few months (getting ready for bathing suit season), I’ve thought, “WOW! I’m a rock star!” Yep, that’s what I’ve been thinking because normal “Meg” would rather snuggle back in bed and lazily drift through each day.  BUT…I haven’t.  Shocking. Instead, I’ve gotten up day in and […]