Forgive and Forget

Last night I spoke at my home church for our Lenten Wednesday night worship service about forgiveness. Me? Forgiving? Sometimes. Sigh. I told a story about a situation that is completely out of my control and how mercy and forgiveness keeps me at peace and how all hell breaks loose (excuse the phrase, but it’s too […]

Shameless Living

Okay, just the title of this post has gotten me shaking in my boots (cute, black, furry one’s I found on sale at DSW)!!!! Man, oh, MAN! It’s hard to say I live shamelessly when I KNOW I’ve told a little-bitty-teeny-tiny white lie at least once in the last week.  (Hope it’s only one!!) Not […]

A Sack of Potatoes

Raw potatoes are not my favorite.  For one, they always seem dirty and rough.  And for two, if I forget about them and leave them in the pantry (which is VERY likely in my disorganized kitchen), they become squishy with those roots coming out at all ends. YUCK. On the other hand, potatoes are quite […]

Lasting Love

Valentine’s Day, along with the hearts, cards, dinners, flowers and chocolates are over. OVER! Boo. The romance is gone with the passing of the 14th day of February and it is back to status quo. Not. So. Fast. Love does not have to be confined to a date. In fact, it should be something we […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Today is a celebration of the love we share with others!  I hope you will remember the best love of all is from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who truly gave up His life for US!  May you have a blessed day and share God’s Love as much as possible!!!! “Beloved, let us love one […]

The GEMS We Leave Behind

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38 What color of water flows from your heart?  Is it clear and bright?  Or is it dark and murky? More to the point, if you died today, will others have been blessed because you […]

Patiently Waiting

Waiting is a fact of life.  It begins with a baby waiting to be fed, a child waiting for Christmas morning, an adult waiting for difficulties to pass and a whole bunch of waiting in between! We wait at the doctor’s office, we wait for a phone call, we wait for the check in the […]

A Revelation

I have had a revelation. Now, before I delve into the depth and width of this revelation, let’s define what I mean. Webster’s New World Dictionary describes revelation as 1) a revealing, 2) something disclosed, and 3) God’s disclosure to humanity of himself.  (Love No. 3)! As you can see by the definition, a revelation […]