Sinners and Outcasts

Have you ever had a moment where a realization hurt your heart because you recognized how much you really stink at living like Jesus? This happened to me on Sunday listening to a sermon on Sinners, Outcasts and the Poor. I think we can all agree that helping the poor is a good thing to […]

The Brick Wall

Recently, I heard one of the coolest stories I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! In a nutshell, this girl I met is from another country and she grew up poor (no shoes or food kind of poor), but persevered against all odds until she now has a […]

Merry Christmas!

Since the next two weeks of my life will be filled with fun, family, friends and the kids on Christmas break, I will be posting only once each week.  I know, I know…you’re gonna miss me terribly!!  HA! HA! Honestly, I can’t contain my excitement because I love this time of year!  There’s nothing better […]

Lasting Love

Valentine’s Day, along with the hearts, cards, dinners, flowers and chocolates are over. OVER! Boo. The romance is gone with the passing of the 14th day of February and it is back to status quo. Not. So. Fast. Love does not have to be confined to a date. In fact, it should be something we […]