The Editor

As a writer I am always looking for an editor.  Sometimes it’s a friend, a sister or my husband.  When I’m really in a pinch…it ends up being me.  Thank God for spell check! Being my own editor is a bad thing. It makes no difference how grammatically affluent I am or how many words […]

How Much Can One Person Take?

Have you ever found yourself at wits’ end?  Have you felt so depleted and exhausted that you could sleep for years? Have you lacked the energy to do anything but cry out with a big “I can’t do this anymore” but know that you really have no choice but to move forward? YIKES!  Where’s that […]


If you think you can’t…you are right. I’ve been thinking on this phrase a lot lately.  I have no idea who said it or where I saw it, but if you happen to be my Facebook friend, you might have seen it on a status I posted just this past Tuesday.  Plus, I used it […]

Paying It Forward

I love December!  It’s a month of surprises, cookies, fellowship and trinkets!  LOVE. IT. Okay, so what about those who are less fortunate?  You know…the families who are put on the angel tree, the children whose parents are in jail and the single-mom’s kids who stay at home by themselves most nights while she works […]