Continuing Christmas

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday.  Who doesn’t enjoy sweets, presents and a cheerful disposition?!?! As much as I’d love to celebrate Christmas all year long, my waist line would expand and even my ‘fat jeans’ would not fit anymore.  Sigh. However for the past three weeks, I’ve been mulling over my reasons for placing […]

Consumer or Contributor?

Christmas shopping makes me smile.  I love rushing from store to store amid twinkling lights, jingling bells, and rustling store bags.  The holiday aromas draw me into a dream-like state and remind me of years past when I was frightened of the snow monster in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and fascinated that Frosty came […]

The Weight of the Holidays….

Who wants to think about their waste-line when the holidays roll around?  Not me.  I’d rather indulge in some eggnog, sift through the box of chocolates and gorge myself on a variety of cake bites my sister introduced to me last year!  Hmmm.  Probably not the best of ideas. Every year as the weather cools down; […]