Don’t you love it when you can see your prayers being answered?!?!?!  I sure do. In fact, I’ve watched my prayers be answered twice in the past week and I just had to share the small miracles I witnessed. Both had to do with me getting back into running.  I’ve laid off running for quite […]

Living in the Dash

Too many of us have one foot in the past and one foot in the future – so much so, that we forget to live in the dash!!! The dash is the line between our birthdate and our death date that we will all have on our tombstone one day.  (Hopefully, later rather than sooner!!!) […]

Living Bravely

There are some moments in life where we just have to pull up our big girl panties (or big boy boxers) and move forward. Even when there is no plan in sight, sitting still is just not an option.  We will never get anything accomplished if we do that!!! Yes, of course, there are times […]

Hey There!!

It feels like forever since I wrote a GEM!!!  Sure feels good to be back in the writer’s seat doing what I love to do!! I must be honest.  I stopped writing GEM for what I now see as a really STUPID reason. Man, I hate it when that happens!!! The fact is that I […]