I was recently talking to one of my friends about the problem our world has with entitlement these days…it seems that everywhere you look you have someone screaming for their fair share or for something for nothing!!!  Geez! Unfortunately, it made me sad to think that if I’m truly honest (sigh) even I struggle with […]


“The church without Jesus in the midst of it is just a social club. Worship without the living Christ in it is just another form of cheap entertainment. Bible study without the living Christ in it is just a book club. Outreach without Christ is just social work. Ministry without the living Christ in it […]


Normally, I’m a big proponent for “faking it until you make it.”  However, I’m learning that sometimes you just shouldn’t fake your feelings of hopelessness and loneliness (or any other feelings for that matter) because they need to be let out and cared for so that you can feel better in the long run. So […]


Sometimes the encourager needs a little encouragement and the caretaker needs to be taken care of.  Sigh. For those of us who know these roles so well, asking for help is not easy. The reason why is because we are used to relying on an endless wealth of joy and encouragement to lend to others, […]