Act of Worship

I can’t seem to get the movie War Room out of my mind lately.  Not that I want to, but the power of prayer keeps popping into my head and moves me to talk to God a lot more often these days. That’s always a good thing! I think the War Room just reminds me […]

War Room

If you haven’t seen the movie, War Room, you really should because it demonstrates the power of our prayers. The movie has tons of great parts, but the jist of it is that this one lady has made a closet in her home her prayer room and spends time daily in there talking and listening […]

Be Kind

The elections are really a good indicator of the kind of people we are…not by the person we vote for, but by the way we treat others who disagree with us. Ouch! A testament to our true identity is how we react when faced with challenging people. And unfortunately they are everywhere. However, that doesn’t […]

Do We Do What We Can?

Today’s scripture reading from the New Testament was Mark 14 and boy, was it jam packed with loads of tidbits I could go on and on about!!!  Between the Last Supper, Peter’s denial, Judas’s betrayal and Jesus’ arrest…uh, WOW!!! However, what I would like to focus on is the small mention of the woman who […]