Happy New Year!

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ID-100222222All of these days off during the holiday season are great, but man, I’m getting TIRED!  I think I’m going to need a vacation from Christmas vacation!!!

I wish I could say I’m tired from all of the fun we’ve been having.  However, the flu is what really wiped us out!!  YIKES!

Soooo, since I actually did need the rest (I was one of the three who got the flu), I decided to sit back, relax and think about what I want to do during the next year.

After having that thought for a split second, I figured that I’d better look at what I’ve done during this past year to get a handle on what needs to be done in 2014.

The first thing I discovered was that I lost my 2013 goals.  WHAT?!?!!  Not good.  Maybe the flu affected my brain, too?!?!

Interestingly, I made a ‘home binder’ recently (you know, one of those dog’ gone Pinterest ideas that seem smart at the time, but then make you rue the day you launched into the craft!)

Anyway, in the said ‘home binder’ is a tab for goals.  Guess what’s in it?  NOTHING.

Needless to say, 2013 is a wash.  It’s a do over and I plan to do better in the coming year.  In fact, guess where I’m going to put my list of 2014 goals?  You guessed it…under the goal tab in the ‘home binder’. GRRRR….

This entire goal setting and organizing is for the birds!  Clearly, I’m not off to a good start!

The problem is that people who plan, prioritize and set goals are on to something.  When we write our goals and objectives down, it does something in our brain that tells us we need to accomplish those tasks.  I’m no scientist, but I would expect there is data somewhere in smarty-pants land that backs this up.

Even though I’ve lost my 2013 list, I did WRITE one.  And I do remember a few items that were on it…shocking, I know.  Let’s see what I dredged up:

  1. Read the Bible daily.
  2. Write my GEMs.
  3. Pick up two more clients for my writing business.
  4. Sing more.
  5. Write a book.
  6. Get a cleaning lady.
  7. Live by a budget.

After review, I’ve done 5 of the 7.  I did not write a book, but I did start one and I do have a few ideas.  I also did not live by a budget….EEK!  This one I could have really used right about now being that I’m looking at all the empty boxes of Christmas!!

To tell you the truth, I’m surprised by the ones I did accomplish.

  1. While I can’t say that I’ve read the Bible EVERY day this year, I CAN say that I’ve read it MOST days of the year!
  2. I have LOVED writing my GEMs.  Even though I thought I would run out of ideas long ago, God has blessed me with more topics than I know what to do with.  I also feel that I am much more blessed by writing these bits of encouragement than anyone who ever reads them!
  3. I’ve started singing about twice a month at church and I’m loving every minute!  It’s so fun and it’s something I wish I had never given up…especially for so long!!
  4. I made up a flyer and actually asked people to give me a chance to write for…MONEY!  Can you believe people actually pay me to write?  WOOHOO!  So much fun!  Not only did I get two clients, I got FOUR!  Yippee!  Can you tell I’m excited?
  5. The best thing I did was get a cleaning lady.  Yes, I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I write A LOT and I hate to clean and my husband hates to clean, so you can imagine the fussing that goes on in the Hays’ home.  I promised myself that if I got two clients this year, I would reward myself with a cleaning lady…and she is AWESOME!!!  Thank you, Gella!!

Now that I’ve reviewed 2013’s achievements, I need to make a new list for 2014.  But, first of all, I’m going to ask God what He wants me to do this year.  I’ll let you know what He says!!!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

What are your plans for 2014?  Please write them down.  I promise, it works!!!

I wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous New Year filled with God’s love, hope, joy and peace!  May you trust in Him every moment of 2014!

Some Wisdom for Today:  Proverbs 16:3 – Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

**Photo courtesy of “Still Life With 2014 Wrote On Notepad And Candle Light On Wooden” by samuiblue/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Kelly

    2014 is going to be a great year! I profess this in FAITH in GOD!

  2. Dale Martin

    Happy New Year to you and the family!


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