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iphone pics 019As we go through the month of November remembering all the things we are thankful for, I thought it was appropriate to reprint what I wrote for my family a few years ago.  The meaning still holds true today and I continue to be extremely grateful for my mom, sisters and the rest of our families!!!  I am blessed beyond measure and I couldn’t have asked for a better family!  Thank you, GOD!!


Morgan in Gaelic terms means ‘white sea’ and in Welch, Morgan denotes ‘brightness’ as well as ‘dweller by the sea’.

These definitions do not epitomize the meaning of ‘Being a Morgan’.  It’s like the human body.  Each part functions independently of the whole, but relies on the core unit to survive.  No part is greater than the other, yet each is unique in the God-given gifts and talents they hold.

The Morgan family unit began with six parts and continues to grow in number.  Each member has brought an amazing amount of love and joy to the entire family.

One is never alone when in the Morgan home.  There might not be another person present, but look around and it will not take long to see a picture of a smiling child, a family heirloom or a new couch to sit on.  Mom has made every new house into a home filled with family tradition, love and personality.  Family heirlooms are not the sort most families are used to.  These items might include Dollar Store treasures or Neiman Marcus delights.  Case in point, the book of the Morgan family cannot be judged by the cover.

Endless chatter, laughter and screams can be heard from any outsider as they walk into the Morgan home when all the family is together for a holiday.  Friends, in-laws and others are invariably welcome and parties are completely expected.  It only takes one sister to visit for the wine to be broken out and their favorite meal to be cooking on the stove.  Mom continues to make everyone’s favorites when she knows they are arriving in time for a meal at her table.

The various states each member lives in have no boundaries for the Morgans.  Monthly, weekly and daily calls to one another are the absolute norm. Unconditional love crosses all state lines, where pain, joy and sorrows are shared throughout the family.

Tragedy, mistakes, and failures take the backseat in this family.  Any problem can be solved, dealt with or even accepted when a loved one is at stake.  No matter what has happened and the things to come, there is no doubt every crossroad will only make the family stronger, closer and more loving for the days ahead.

Every Morgan in this family is an individual and is loved for their special qualities.  In the mist of difference, there is love.  Where there is pain, hugs abound.  When loneliness abides, a phone call eases the void.

God directs the lives of the Morgan family and can be seen through the many blessings everyone has been given.  He watches over the family and guides all paths, so the destination remains the same.

There is nothing anyone in this family can’t do.  In fact, ‘can’t’ isn’t a word often used.   Success and failure of the world mean little when love rules a family.  Dad could have truly coined the phrase, ‘where there is a will…there is a way’.  He is an example of creating success out of every move he has ever made.  He instilled in all of his Morgans to make a difference in the world, in their own families and in the lives of each other.

The Morgan family is bright and the light of God shows through each member.  Also, the family does happen to live by a sea named Kentucky Lake.  Whatever the definition may be, to be a Morgan is truly precious.

Some Wisdom for Today:  Proverbs 19:13 – A foolish son is ruin to his father, and a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain.

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  1. Cindy Lowe

    Well said! Every word of this is so true. Praying for you all this holiday season.


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