Labor Day

School just started and we already get a three-day weekend!  Yippee!!! Labor Day is always such a bittersweet holiday for me since it marks the end of summer (boo), but the beginning of football season (hooray).  In effect, I’m really replacing an awesome time of year of family vacations, swimming and margaritas with my favorite […]

Dreams VS. Fear

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!  My boys are both in school, my husband is upstairs working and I’m sitting at my desk wondering what I’m supposed to be doing amid a VERY quiet house. Hmmm.  I know, I know.  This is a nice problem to have (especially the quiet […]


Last night we took our youngest son, Chase, to Kinder Camp.  WOW…was he excited, scared, shy and intrigued.  And was I ever excited, sad and apprehensive that I’m allowing someone else to have the opportunity to influence my second child – BIG TIME.  (I’ve already seen the changes that have occurred with the introduction of […]

A Life Worth Living

Ahhh….sleeping in your own bed is SO nice after 10 days away from home!!  It’s a blast to travel, but it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to come home to your own spot in the world! The boys, Lee and I recently spent a week a week in Tennessee with family and participated in the 2nd Annual […]

Houston, We Have a Problem….

Conflict arises in all of our lives regardless of whether we are good, bad, obedient, reckless or wayward.  Conflict is a fact of life that we all face occasionally.  Man, that stinks!! Some of us enjoy the challenge; others avoid it like the plague.  However, plenty of these battles of will sneak into our marriages, […]

The Gossip Train

Do your ears perk up when someone says, “Well, you’d never guess what I heard today” or “You are NEVER going to believe this”?  Uh…mine do. These two sentences are the beginning of many interesting conversations.   However, the topics usually focus on individuals.  Typically, the stories open with a minute detail of interest and morph […]

The Vision Board

Change is a’comin’!  I know it, I feel it and I have failed to prepare for it.  (If the act of thinking prepares oneself for the future, than I should be the most prepared person in the world.  But, I’m pretty sure preparation takes action).  Argh! “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, […]

Why Me?

Have you ever been in a room full of people and someone asks for volunteers?  Do you quickly slump down your chair until you are satisfied that your head is hidden behind the person in front of you.  Do you suddenly become interested in your feet?  Or, do you hold your breath and pray they […]

Trust What?

Late at night, do you ever ponder the vastness of the universe and wonder why you were created?   In the past, I would think of the enormity of this question and my palms would get sweaty and I would start to panic – BIG TIME! These days, I hear the calm assurance of my heart […]