Christmas Tears

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This will not be the Christmas of years past.  It will be the first without my dad.

I know I am not alone.  Most everyone has lost a loved one who meant the world to them.  This just happens to be my first encounter with the death of someone very close to me.  I feel very fortunate that this experience hasn’t happened sooner.

The impending ‘first’ Christmas has made me wonder how God wants me to remember my dad and encourage others going through similar situations.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve dealt with a death, divorce, job loss or heart-breaking circumstance.  The first year is the hardest.  Christmas tops my list as most difficult because you are supposed to be JOYFUL!!!

Obviously, I am not a counselor, but here are the top five things that have helped me get through the first Christmas season, thus far.

  1. Admit it sucks – Yes, it does.  I can’t pretend that everything is okay when it’s not.
  2. Let God lead the way – Give Him your pain, tears and brokenness.  He is big enough to handle it.  AND He wants to!
  3. Give people grace – People say the dumbest things.  They don’t mean to, they just do (me included).
  4. Give yourself a break – I have had a hard year and it’s no wonder I feel blue.  That is okay even if it is Christmas time.
  5. Decide to have a good day – Sometimes I just have to make the decision to find the joy in the day.  Choose joy and give a little of yourself to someone else in need.

God continues to guide me and hold my hand as I walk down this new path.  This year of loss has proven to me without a doubt that God is watching out for my best interest and is in control of my life.

Even though getting through this season without my dad is hard, I am blessed by celebrating the birth of Jesus who conquered death!!  There is comfort in knowing that God loved the world so much that He sent us His son to be our Savior!  Jesus is preparing a room for us right now with His Father.  All we have to do is choose HIM.

My dad chose Him and is now waiting for me to join him one day to worship and praise Our Heavenly Father forever!  Now, that makes me joyful in the midst of the pain of my loss!!!

I hope you will find joy this Christmas season by getting to know Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and giving your life to Him.

Christmas Tears by Meg Hays

Christmas this year is not like before

A hole’s in my heart that hurts to the core

Daddy, I miss you and wish you were here

My father, my hero, my warrior, so dear


Time keeps on going.  Time just stands still

No blankets or heaters can warm up the chill

My heart lacks a luster where you used to reside

My head cannot grasp you have already died


Heavenly Father – take care of my dad

Help me move on and not be so sad

Give me the strength to live every day

Remembering Jesus – the price that He paid


Some Wisdom for TodayProverbs 11:25 – A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.


  1. Martha Campbell

    Such a sweet tribute to your dad.

    • meghays

      Thanks, Martha! I sure do miss him!!

  2. Amy Kobza

    Beautifully said Meg. You and your family are always in my heart. Have a blessed holiday.

    Love ya,


    • meghays

      Thanks, girl! I appreciate your thoughts!!!

  3. Tina Brown

    You said the words that are sometimes so hard to find. This will also be our first Christmas without Brent’s dad. It makes me cry just to think about it. But, we’re all trying to be strong. God will give us the love and strength we need. I hope God continues to keep his blanket of love wrapped around you and your family this Christmas.

    Love you my friend,

    • meghays

      Tina – you know exactly what we are going through and it stinks for all of us! Please know you guys continue to be in our prayers!! We love you, too :o)

  4. Kelly

    Ethan and I decided today that daddy would not be happy with us for being so sad. He would want us to celebrate his life! So, as for me and Ethan, we are going to help each other when we are sad.

    • meghays

      I think that’s a fantastic idea!!! Hug Ethan for me :o)

  5. Heidi

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot and how hard this Christmas is going to be for you:( Keep good thoughts!! Your dad is well taken care of!!


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