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Fall weather, family, friends, football and cozy evenings in front of the fireplace – what more could a girl ask for?  All of these are wrapped up in the Thanksgiving weekend for my family.  It is the one time of the year when everyone gathers together to romp and rip through my parent’s house.  We scrapbook, do crafts with the kids, the guys play golf, the girls talk, laugh, cry and we all eat!

Every year, I come away absolutely exhausted from the festivities and fanfare, which are indicative from being a part of a large, loud and fun family!  I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

This year was different since it’s the first Thanksgiving without Dad.  As I thought of my blessings, I realized I had to go past the surface of niceties (i.e. thankful for spouse, children, friends, etc.) to really figure out what the pieces of good fortune are in my life.  The list surprised me immensely!


  1. I am thankful for suffering.  – CRAZY! I know, but I would not be as strong as I am today without suffering through trials in my life.  I do not learn by watching others.  Unfortunately, I am a hands-on kind of student.   This really sucks and I wish it wasn’t the way I work, but it is.  I would love to forego the painful events, but God has different plans for me.
  2. I am thankful for fear. – WHAT IN THE WORLD?!  Fear has held me back for a long time.  It has crawled into my head and set up camp.  The war it has waged has been with an onslaught of negative thinking, loneliness, panic, depression, laziness and a load of other garbage.  I am joyful to claim that God and my savior, Jesus Christ, have been enlisted to fight this war for me and I’m finally giving them the control to call the shots.
  3. I am thankful for panic. – NO SHE DIDN’T!  An anxious heart, mind and body have consumed my whole being for almost as long as I can remember.   I’m beginning to feel a panic of a different sort these days.  That is the panic of dying tomorrow and not having anything to show for the talents and gifts I was given by God at birth.  It’s not a full-fledged panic attack.  It is a slight nudging of my heart through a whisper that I cannot ignore any longer.
  4. I am thankful for my failures. – SEEMS STRANGE!  For one, this reminds me that I have gotten off my rear end a couple of times and I’ve tried a few things.  Secondly, I’ve learned how to be a better wife, mother and friend because I have failed those precious to me and they have been gracious in the midst of my mistakes.  My failures have humbled me and driven me towards my Maker.
  5. I am thankful for good health. – MOST IMPORTANT!  In the past year, I have watched dear loved ones lose their battle with cancer and I’ve come to realize how precious a body in good working condition is.  Good health is something I have taken for granted.  I am truly grateful for it this year.

As I contemplated my blessings, I realized I am at a crossroads.  I have the opportunity to go right (towards a lifetime of mediocrity); or left (towards a lifetime of insignificance) or I can forge ahead and DO what I was born to do!  I can wish and dream all day long about encouraging others through writing, but if I don’t actually write something IT WON’T WORK…duh!  I’m slow sometimes!

When I dug a little deeper, I found that my world has been wrapped up in a small little comfortable bubble.  Life up till now has been about me, my happiness, my comfort and my will.  God is bursting that bubble as He teaches me what His will is and how He wants me to lead my life.

I am not going to pretend I am perfect.  I am not going to impress with any degrees or knowledge that I don’t have.  I am going to share my journey.  I invite you to join me.

Question of the Day:
What are you thankful for?

Some Wisdom for Today: Proverbs 21:21 – He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.


  1. Kelly

    What a great insite as to what our life’s journey is all about. God bless you on this journey of yours! I look forward to watching you grow as a woman of God, a friend and a sister!

  2. Heather

    What a great 1st blog! You have really set the bar high! I look forward to your next entry. I know people will think I am partial, and ya know what? I am!! But, be that as it may, it doesn’t discount the fact that you hit a home run with this one!!

    WAY TO GO MEG! I’m so proud of you!!

    143- H 🙂

  3. Mo

    Wow! I absolutely love this, Meg. I have seen your talent for many years but you still amaze me. I am so proud of you! I have already saved this to my favorites so I can check in regularly. Love you!

  4. kelly koenning

    I am so proud of you and this is going to be an amazing blog!!

  5. Pat

    Well said!!

  6. Dale Martin

    Awesome, Looking forward to your future posts.

  7. Danielle Meals

    What a wonderful way to encourage others! It’s touching, honest and funny… you to a tee! I love #3 “oh no she didn’t”! Love you!

  8. Marcia

    Your words have been a terrific reminder for me. God can turn suffering, fear, panic and failure into blessings so while I’m experiencing those, you’ve reminded me to be conscious of the good God has used them for. Please keep writing!!!

    • Jenni

      yes, I agree!

  9. dardi

    What a wonderful article..I look forward to future ones!

  10. Wendi

    May God bless you in this endeavor, sweetie. May God help us all to grow closer to him through your writings. Know that you will be in my prayers as you write and post. You definitely have a gift! I love you!

  11. Jenni

    Thanks, Meg! I’m excited to read more…going to put you on my favorites too…

  12. meghays

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!!

  13. Christine

    I am blown away! Not by your talents because I’ve always known you had them! But more so at your ability to be so vulnerable to what lies ahead of you. I am SO PROUD of you my friend for following what God is speaking to you. And while I know many of your secrets, I’m so blessed to learn so many more. 🙂 I can’t wait for your next article because it reminds me that to be a Christian doesn’t mean we are perfect, it means we are an admitted work in progress and we do our best with our imperfect self. Thank you for making this article the highlight of my day. I love you!

  14. Terry

    We each are blessed to be a blessing to others. Thank you for letting God bless others through you. You have touched me.

  15. Jan "second mom"

    Yea!!!!! You did it, shared your wonder gift to write with
    us all. Your insight into life and being lead by God’s
    spirit is such a blessing. I just feel if you had not had such a hard year,both your family and mine,you might
    not have decided to post your thoughts that you might
    cause us to think a little more on the spirit side. I
    remember what Martin said, even when he was so sick,
    “From our suffering somes the glory”. Look at our Lord,
    from his death, came our gift of life. You never know
    what God has planned for you,this may be just the
    beginning. Love you Sweetie, my”GEM”

    • meghays

      Thanks, Jan!!! I love you!!!!

  16. Margaret Weiss

    beautiful Meg! you have presented a challenge…

  17. Sandy

    Magnificent & awe-inspiring! I’ve known you for about 15 years now and you still manage to always amaze me! I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life and I am so happy that you now get to share with others the wonder that is MEG!

    • meghays

      I love you, Sandy!!!!

  18. Jenny Warner

    Terrific post. I have many things to be thankful for this year.
    1) My health
    2) I’m still employed
    3) My husband’ first surgery was successful and hopefully the second will be too.
    4) Both sides of the family are healthy
    5) I have so many great friends, like you

    Thank you for sharing.

    • meghays

      Love your thankful items!!! Thanks for reading and responding!!!


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